Ojasvi Kamboj


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Ojasvi Kamboj graduated in 2023 from University of Washington (UW) with a B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering and Triple Minors in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Classical Studies. For her undergraduate research she focused on biomimicry, which draws inspiration from elements of nature to solve complex problems. Her research focused on how stingray radials resemble generative design and how the structure of these bones can inspire lighter, more efficient aerospace structures.

Ojasvi was drawn to AeroTEC due to our fast-paced work environment and the variety of projects employees work on. Since starting, she has enjoyed the work she is doing, her peers, AeroTEC’s culture, and the support from the JEDI program. As an engineer new to the work force, she appreciates the support from her JEDI mentor, Dale Goulding (Chief Development Officer), during this time of transition. Dale has helped Ojasvi strengthen her communication and presentation skills to prep her for future leadership roles. Along with that, he shares stories from his early engineering days, so she understands where he came from and how he got where he is today!

For her first JEDI rotation she is on the Mechanical Systems team and for her next 3 rotations she hopes to try out Product Innovation Team (PIT), Stress, Structures or Flight Sciences. The rotation she is looking forward to the most is PIT as it is the most in line with the type of design-oriented work that initially drew her to engineering.


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