AeroTEC was founded in 2001 and then located to Boeing Field in Seattle in 2003, with the goal of providing turn-key flight testing, data analysis, and FAA certification services for aircraft OEM’s and modifiers. Since then we have expanded to our current offices in Seattle, just north of KBFI, and added a flight test center in Moses Lake, WA, including our own 65,000 sq ft hangar. We have also expanded our service offerings to include engineering design, light manufacturing for aerospace production, performance analysis, CFD analysis, wind tunnel testing, and more. We can now usher your aerospace modification from engineering and design to prototype manufacturing, testing, and certification.

Our core team is comprised of very talented and experienced aerospace engineers, technicians, and mechanics. We expand our staff as required, with specialist consultants.

I extend my thanks to each of you for your contributions, hard work, and ease with which we worked together for the common goal.

Aircraft Engineering Specialists, Inc