Grace Kim


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Grace Kim graduated from University of California San Diego (UCSD) in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering – specializing specifically in aerospace structures. For 4 years she participated in UCSD’s FSAE Team (Aerodynamics Lead for 2 of those years), building and competing cars. These cars are built to be aerodynamic – possessing wings to keep the cars grounded when moving at high speeds.

After interning with a few OEM companies, Grace decided she wanted to work for a smaller company with a more well-knit community while still being able to work on multiple projects – AeroTEC offered that flexibility! She appreciates how well employees collaborate between departments, receive a lot of feedback from one another, and are easy to get along with.

Grace has started her JEDI rotation with the Stress Team and for her next three rotations she hopes to rotate through Systems Safety, Loads and Instrumentation.

  • Stress is the rotation Grace has been looking forward to the most. It is most inline with her major and what she is interested in doing long term.
  • System Safety is similar to a previous internship, where she received wire harness experience, and she hopes to continue that to get a better idea of how the aircraft comes together as a whole.
  • Loads directly influences how one analyzes stress.
  • Instrumentation is something Grace is familiar with. In college she took an instrumentation class for composite structures where she designed and created code to analyze composite fuselage components – filtering data from the structures to show real life stress.

From all of Grace’s experience at AeroTEC, she will walk away with not only getting to try out the type of engineering she is most passionate about, but also see how other departments interact and directly impact the work she does.


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