Claire Freund


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Claire Freund graduated in 2023 from the University of Washington (UW) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. During her junior and senior year at UW she had the opportunity to design & print solid material of different properties out of liquid resin. Additionally, she got to work with a J750 which can print with multiple materials at once on the same part.

Claire decided to work at AeroTEC because of its size which allows the company to stay nimble and maintain an innovative mindset – pushing the company to morph as need be to accelerate the evolution of aerospace. Her favorite part is being able to learn about, being exposed to, and gaining many pertinent skills within aerospace engineering. And AeroTEC keeping her on her toes since new things are always happening.

Her rotations will include Product Innovation Team (PIT), Flight Testing, Structures (Design Team), and either Systems Safety or Mechanical Systems. Claire has really enjoyed starting her JEDI program with the PIT Crew – they constantly are being pushed to come up with new and innovative design solutions. And because this team is so versatile, it ends up helping in many areas allowing her to experience more of AeroTEC. Claire is also incredibly excited to go into Flight Test next because aircraft testing does not happen year-round – so to have aircraft testing and a JEDI rotation align is an amazing opportunity!


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