Our services include working with the FAA or other regulatory authority during the testing program to ensure an efficient and successful certification program. AeroTEC has an excellent working relationship with our counterparts within the FAA and can provide support for meeting and planning with the FAA at any stage of your program.

Flight Test Plans

AeroTEC creates Flight Test Plans using an in-house software suite that manages the entire testing process from initial phase definition through detailed flight condition planning, sequencing, and condition completion tracking. AeroTEC has the experience in house to create test conditions from scratch or accept customer engineering inputs and provide only flight test expertise, planning, and execution services.

Instrumentation Plans

Our Instrumentation Specification document defines the required analog and digital measurements needed for data collection in a test plan. The Instrumentation Specification serves as the central point of reference for each piece of instrumentation used for the test program. AeroTEC has experience installing, calibrating, and flight testing with: aircraft data bus monitoring, Air Data, Accelerometers (Low Frequency & Wideband), Acoustics, Space Positioning, Flight Control Positions & Control Forces, Primary Engine Parameters, Temperature & Pressure Surveys, Gross Weight and C.G. tracking, Strain Gages

Project Specific Certification Plan (PSCP)

The Project Specific Certification Plan is the foundation of any certification program. AeroTEC has experience in creating Project Specific Certification Plans from the ground up to support our customers. We also frequently support by providing review and expert advice on a customer produced PSCP, including advice from our DERs on staff.

Flight Test Risk Analysis

Our Flight Test Planning Process utilizes methodologies detailed in FAA Order 4040.26B to analyze and manage the risks associated with Flight Testing Aircraft. AeroTEC’s Risk Mitigation Process is imbedded in our in-house software suite with access to our own past analyses as well as the NASA Flight Test Database to maximize safety and efficiency.

Temporary Operating Limitations

AeroTEC utilizes Temporary Operating Limitations (TOLs) as a means to modify aircraft envelopes and limitations in order to conduct safe, efficient and accurate flight tests. Our processes ensure that Temporary Operating Limitations are created and maintained throughout the flight test program in order to promote safety and efficiency.

FAA Conformity

AeroTEC engineers have experience executing FAA Forms 8130-9 as well as FAA Form 8120-10 in order to ensure that conformity is maintained throughout an aircraft flight test program. AeroTEC also has access to a number of DARs to support experimental ticketing and conformity inspections no matter where your program will be executed.

APB has enjoyed nothing but success on the programs we have conducted with AeroTEC. Over the years our business relationship has expanded from certification and flight test services into other facets of customer support ranging from flight operations to aero sales support.

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