Austin Cook


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Austin Cook graduated from University of Washington (UW) in 2017 with a degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics. In college Austin built a small wind tunnel out of a broken freezer to test icing conditions which was a major success. He conducted different tests that produced ice scallops on an airfoil.

Austin discovered AeroTEC during his senior capstone project. He was working with variety of companies and their representatives including, still current AeroTEC employees, Todd Leighton (Director of Experimental Products) and Robert Dick (Design Engineer). After meeting them, seeing the AeroTEC office, experiencing what cool projects the Product Innovation team was working on, and seeing the skillet sets Todd & Robert had booth gained from AeroTEC – Austin wanted to be a part of the team!

During the JEDI Program, Austin was able to rotate through 5 positions: Avionics, Mechanical Systems, Product Innovation, Interiors and Flight Sciences. Many of the rotations had been interesting and offered great value to his development, but Product Innovation was the most diverse. He was able to work on design, stress analysis, manufacturing, and even hands-on assembly & finishing – with the unique opportunity to see projects from requirements all the way to delivery. The JEDI Program offered Austin the ability to dry-run different channels of engineering to help him discover what he did and did not enjoy. At the end of the program, Austin decided to join the Product Innovation Team which he is still a part of today along with Todd Leighton and Robert Dick.

Since 2017, Austin has worked on several projects for AeroTEC including many of our sustainable aviation projects including magniX all-electric caravan and Universal Hydrogen’s hydrogen-powered dash 8 conversion. Both programs brought unique challenges, were cutting edge, and represented something he was truly passionate about. He enjoys the new challenges the work brings and the daily progress which culminates to a successful test flight!


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