In Moses Lake Flight Test Center

The Raisbeck Aft Fuselage Locker for the Learjet 60 series Business Jet has completed all FAA-required Certification tests, without compromise or complication. The test aircraft, 60-197, is now in refurbishment at West Star Aviation where it will receive a full paint job and interior update prior to redelivery back to its owner.

At just under 30 cubic feet, the 60-AFL concept and general shape closely resembles the earlier Aft Fuselage Lockers designed and certified for the Lear 30-series in the late 1990s, except the internal volume is almost 3 times as large. The added baggage and cargo capacity adds a critical dimension to the airplane operators’ flight planning flexibility and overall usefulness.

Erik Christofferson, Vice President – Engineering for Raisbeck Engineering, and Program Manager for the LearJet 60-AFL had high complements for the entire development and certification team, and his flight-test group in particular. “It is gratifying to see the culmination of this multi-year program come to such a satisfactory conclusion. All program goals have been met or exceeded. Now we’re moving on to the production phase and customer deliveries.”